TEXTfromPDF 1.3

This utility extracts the text content from a PDF and exports it to a TXT file

TEXTfromPDF converts a PDF file to a TXT file. It extracts text only – it does not convert the other objects from the document (e.g. images that contain text). The program can also convert a batch of PDFs or a file that is stored online (you enter the URL pointing to the file and it does the rest). Simple options can be changed such as the encoding format for the text file, the output layout, the page range to be converted and so on. If the PDF is encrypted, the application will ask for the password.
Exporting with the simple layout setting aligns all the text to the left side, making it hard to read in some cases. Exporting with the original layout setting, though it creates a better-organized text that is easier to read, it sometimes inserts unnecessary spaces (for example, I found the words “Intro duction” in the generated text). Actually, all the parts from the original document that have complex formatting will be garbled in some way. This seems to be the only issue but unfortunately it significantly lowers the quality of the product.
The trial version is fully functional and it expires in 20 days.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Simple program
  • Fast
  • Can execute batch jobs


  • In some cases, parts of the output texts are garbled
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